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This Loner Movement book has a treasure trove of things to do when alone and/or isolated. With the spread of the COVID 19 virus, the need to regulate your social activity is being taken more seriously. 

Over a billion adults are alone. If you're one we hope you're enjoying it's benefits. 

We all spend time alone, it could be showering, writing, working around the home, napping, driving, maybe when sleeping at night, etc.  Usually we're happy with just our own company but trauma can break that tranquility.  (See Loner Q & A.)

In the very marriage-minded past, the term 'loner' was viewed negatively as human beings are believed to be social creatures and those who were not socially obsessed must be deviant. But even in the past a loner could be considered independent and responsible. [1]  

Societal changes worldwide have created hundreds of millions of new loners and the majority are normal people like you and me. The contemporary definition of the term "loner" has evolved. The more passive 'loner' is no longer synonymous with the potentially more aggressive 'Lone Wolf' and the potentially more extreme 'Incel', who's  portrayed in the movie "Joker". Loner Q & A.)

Humans are pack animals and the life of a hermit is not only difficult but not recommended. We need to work in association with others to meet obligations, and acquire income.  But most are better off alone than in life's many higher maintenance relationships.    

Being a happy Loner is much easier than socially-obsessed people want you to think. The fact is, being in relationships for the sake of being in relationships can be dangerous and problematic. Get the groundbreaking book "The Joy of Being Alone" to understand it better.

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