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Question: How can I tell if I'm a loner?
Answer: The definition of 'loner' has evolved. The more passive 'loner' is now no longer synonymous with the more aggressive 'Lone Wolf' and the potentially more extreme version of the Lone Wolf is an 'Incel', the type of Lone Wolf portrayed in the movie "Joker." 

Even though the 'Lone Wolf' often is more aggressive than the standard run-of-the mill 'Loner', most Lone Wolves are good folks, though often tougher than many. Militaries are good places to find hardy folks who consider themselves Lone Wolves, and the survivalist mentality (a great mentality incidentally,) is often strong with them. Lone Wolves aren't the more domesticated loner who prefers the peace and quiet of staying at home watching TV. The Lone Wolf is more likely to be learning survival skills and scaring the fecal matter out of intruders.
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The term 'Lone Wolf' originates from wolf pack behavior. Wolves that have left, or have been kicked out of their pack, are described as 'Lone Wolves'.

Lone Wolves have a higher likelihood than loners of taking their solitude to an extreme, and they're fiercely independent. If the Lone Wolf is also a criminal (and only a minority are) they tend to not want to be part of a larger organization or network. A Lone Wolf prefers to act alone, outside of any command structure and without assistance from any group. The Lone Wolf also prefers not to give credit for his/her actions to anybody else. That's often why you hear about the "Lone Wolf Terrorist." The movie "The Joker" popularizes the Incel, a more extreme version of a Lone Wolf but for simplicity's sake it's easier for the movie critics to call the villain a "Loner" than what he truly is, the more extreme 'Incel".

Unfortunately too many people still don't know the difference between a 'Loner', a 'Lone Wolf' and an 'Incel'. (Men Going Their Own Way [MGTOW] is thought to potentially be in a more extreme loner category also.) The The Loner Movement is working to change that.
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 Do loners have intimate relationships?
Answer: Yes, but if it's stable typically then they're no longer loners. 

Question: How many loners are there?
Answer: There are more single adults in the US than there's ever been. In 2017, the U.S. census reported that unmarried people over the age of 18 were 110.6 million or 45.2 percent of the US adult population!  In 1960, 72 percent of American adults were married. But in 2017, 63 percent have never been married! French marriage rates are 45 percent below U.S. figures. In 2004 the marriage rate in France was 4.3 per 1,000 people, compared with 5.1 in the United Kingdom and 7.8 in the United States. [Reference, "The Seattle Times"]  Get the groundbreaking book "The Joy of Being Alone" to understand it better.

As of 2016, in South Korea there were over 5 million single-person households in the country, that's nearly 28 percent of households! [Reference] *

*South Korea's "Honjok," or 'Loner Culture' has been an impressive part of the Loner Movement. Article 1 & Article 2

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